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Gawa meaning 'Joy' in Tibetan

Two types and four sizes of Gawa boards available. 


GAWA 37 & 42

This was the race-proven twin tip of choice for the Youth Oympic Games (YOG) riders in 2018. 5 of the 6 medalist were on this board (including the two gold medalists).

Key Features:

  • 'Upsy-Duzy' prevents nose dives

  • Maximum stiffness for optimum speed

  • 12 composite shear walls running the length of the board, giving unrivalled response.

  • The core material is divinycell (a PVC foam), helping to keep the board lighter. This material is 25% of typical core wood density.

  • End grain balsa wood are used in high impact areas to prevent crushing.

  • Weighing in at 2.1 and 2.3kg respectively; very light for their size.


Gawa 37: 37cm wide, 145cm effective length, 163 overall lenth, 2.1kg board only

Gawa 42: 42cm wide, 148cm effective length, 165 overall lenth, 2.3kg board only


GAWA 44 & 48

The new Gawa boards are more focused on twin tip course racing and have some new unique innovations to their predecessors

Key features:

  • Two heel side rails: designed specifically for light wind or strong wind. 

  • XPS core. Allowing core material to be almost weighless.

  • Bouyancy and volume: Gawa 44 provides 10 litres and the Gawa 48 provides 11 litres total boyancy.

  • Ultra lightweight construction: board weight only of 2.1kg for the Gawa 44 and 2.3kg for the Gawa 48.

  • Upwind performance: even in 6 knots of wind they glide upwind effortlessly on the light wind rail settings.


  • Gawa 44:  44cm wide, 154cm/152cm effective rail length, 170cm overall, 2.1kg board only.

  • Gawa 48:  48cm wide, 154cm/152cm effective rail length, 170cm overall, 2.3kg board only.

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