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From the start, it was obvious that Upeksha boards were in a class of their own. Kiters who experienced riding the 

boards expressed their enthusiasm and joy towards the experience of riding them. The boards have already won many titles in local and international competitions in just a year since production. The titles of the biggest Woo jumps in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia also were done on Upeksha boards.

After months of qualifications, the YOG finally kicked off.  Exciting times for the worlds top youth kiteboarders having the opportunity to take part in the first Olympic kiting event in history. Congratulations to all the riders. 

Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires,

October 6-18, 2018

Youth Olympic Kiteboarders

Gold: Deury Corniel (DOM) Upeksha, Gawa 166 x 42

Silver: Christian Tio (PHI) Upeksha, Gawa 166 x 42

Silver: Toni Vodisek (SLO) Upeksha, Gawa 166 x 42

Youth Olympic Kiteboarder

Gold: Sofia Tomasoni (ITA) Upeksha, Gawa 163 x 37

Silver: Poema Newland (FRA) Upeksha, Gawa 166 x 42

Silver: Nina Font Castells (ESP) North Jamie Textreme

TT:R Open World Championships

& Pump-Kite Trophy,

Gizzeria, Italy

July 25 - 29, 2018


Men’s Pump Kite Division:  Ten out of the top ten male riders chose to ride Upeksha kiteboards, 1st, 2nd and 3rd podium placings.

Open Men's Pump Kiteboarding Championship

Men's Open TT:R Worlds Division: Six out of the top ten male riders chose to ride Upeksha  kiteboards; 2nd and 3rd podium placings.

Open Men's Twintip racing division Kiteboarding Championship

Open Women’s TT:R Worlds Division: Five out of the top ten female riders chose to ride Upeksha kite boards; 1st and 2nd podium placings.

Open Women's Twintip Kiteboarding Championship

Women’s Pump Kite Division: One of the six female competitors chose to ride Upeksha kite boards; no podium placings.

Open Women's pump division Kiteboarding Championships

Youth World Championships

& YOG World Qualifier

Boao, Hainan, China

MAY 3-5, 2018

Final places were secured for the 2018 YOG in Buenos Aires where the first kiteboarding 

Olympic medals will be awarded.

Adeuri Corniel, Haoran Zhang, and Lorenzo Calcano

1. Adeuri Corniel (DOM) Gawa 166x42,

2.Haoran Zhang (CHN) Gawa 166x42, 3. 3.Lorenzo Calcano(DOM) Gawa 163x37.

Nina Font Castells, Sofia Tomasoni, and Kewen Li

1. Nina Font Castells (ESP) North Jamie Textreme 139

2. Sofia Tomasoni (ITA) Gawa 166x42

3. Kewen Li (CHN) Gawa 163x37

Podium winners for Asian Girls
Podium winners for Asian Boys

Asian Boys:

1. Christian Tio (PHI) Gawa 166 x 42

2. Haoran Zhang (CHN) Gawa 166 x 42

3. Sarun Rupchom (THA) Gawa 163 x 37

Podium winner for Oceanic Girls

Oceanic Girls: Pia Gordon (NZL) gala 163 x 37

Asian and Oceanic YOG Qualification Event,

Pranburi, Thailand

MARCH 12-18, 2018

Great conditions and a very tight race between the top three boys on the podium, each riding an Upeksha, Gawa.  In the Asian girls fleet it was no doubt that Jingle Chen was the most consistent steady rider securing her 1st place easily. All the girls in the competition were on the Gawa.  

Asian Girls:

1. Jingle Chen (CHN) Gawa 163 x 37 

2. Kewen Li (CHN) Gawa 163 x 37

3. Nicharan Rodthong (THA) 163 x 37

Thai National Podium winners on Gawa boads
Podium winners for Thai Nationals on Gawa Upeksha boards

Thai Kiteboarding Championships,

Paknampran, Pranburi, Thailand

March 10-11, 2018

The Thai championship ended up being a very international event. In the male twintip slalom racing the three top places went to Thai's:  Sarun, Yo, and Bobby.  In the female event Thailand's Nichanan came first followed by Chinese Kewen Li and Philippine Maebelle, all riding Upeksha Gawa Boards.

Congratulations to Sofia Tomasoni and Rut Gouws who both won their respective groups very convincingly, and to Terje Magnus Groenewoud securing third place in a very tough group.  Thank you to the Airush team from South Africa and the Italian team for using our boards in the YOG qualifier.

Sofia Tomasoni wins first place on an Upeksha Gawa

Italian, Sofia Tomasoni, winning First Place for Girls in the European Qualifiers on the

Gawa 163 x 37.

Rut Gouws wins firs place on the Upeksha Gawa

South African, Rut Gouws winning First Place for Girls in the African Qualifiers on a Gawa 163 x 37.

Terje Groenewoud on the Upeksha Gawa

South African, Terje Magnus Groenewoud, winning 3rd place on a Gawa 166 x 42 in the African Qualifiers.

European and African YOG Qualification Event, Morocco

February 20-25, 2018

February 23-25, 2018

Balok Wind Challenge, Malaysia

Bobby, Sarun, and Yo win on Upeksha Gawas.

Well Done Thailand!  From left to right:  3rd Place Bobby,

2nd Place Sarun Rapchom, 1st Place Narapichit Pudla.

Pingtan 2017 IKA

TwinTip Racing

Open World


18 - 23 September, 2017

At the first twin-tip slalom racing worlds,

Sarun Rapchom received a 3rd place podium spot in the Boys division.

Sarun Rapchom riding the Upeksha Gawa

Weifang Twin-Tip Racing

8-13 September, 2017

In his first Open International race,

Sarun Rapchom nailed a First Place in

the Boys division.

First Place Podium for Upeksha, Gawa
Narapichit Pudla, Sarun Rupchom, Joeph Weston, Upeksha Kitboards

7th Rayong Kiteboarding

Thailand Championships

 5-6 August, 2017

Three Upeksha boards were raced in this competition. Their riders placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Narapichit Pudla, 1st Place

Joseph Weston, 2nd Place

Sarun Rupchom, 3rd Place

TTR Downwind Slalom Racing

IKA 2018 Youth Olympic Games race format 

1st Place TTR Men's Final

Narapichit Pudla

Moose IKA Asia Kiteboarding Championships

Paknampran, Thailand, March 2017

1st Place Narapichit, Upeksha Kiteboard Win

Thai Nationals Twin-Tip Course Racing

Paknampran, Pranburi, Thailand,


March 2017

1st Place TTR Men's Open

Narapichit Pudla

1st Place TTR Thai Female

Siri Chandler

Going Big

At the time of editing this page (December 2019), UPEKSHA boards have the highest all time jumps in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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