Frequently Asked Questions

What's the time commitment during the coaching period?

I work with clients for a minimum of 3 months as this is the shortest amount of time possible for us to explore patterns across your cycles, and to create healthy new habits, build momentum and achieve transformation.

Our time together can absolutely be longer to help you achieve your cyclic goals which may take a few cycles to observe, implement and embed supportive practices. After our 3 months you have the option to continue our coaching together renewing monthly.

Sessions are fortnightly. In a 3 month journey the first session is 90 minutes and the next 5 are 75 minutes long. A 6 month journey contains this format x 2 (e.g. we have a beginning and half-way 90 minute session with all other sessions at 75 minutes).

We schedule in around your life and your cycle (of course we do!!) and the sessions aren't high energy. In fact I'm a gentle, dreamy kinda gal and love to leave you feeling all nourished, held, supported, heard, seen and loved.

Between session activities may take you a matter of minutes, or a couple of hours to complete - it all depends on what level of transformation you're looking to achieve, and your capacity!

How is cycle and embodiment coaching different to all the other personal development I've done?

I call myself a Wild Feminine Cycle + Embodiment Coach, weaving together the two main modalities of coaching I love and know take you beyond "mindset" blocks into the embodied and spiritual realms, to cultivate safety and depth first, taking aligned action second. This means all the work we do together is bespoke - never one size fits all. We go where you need to go, with you and your body leading the way. You will be amazed at how the answers and wisdom is already within your energetic body - I will guide you to access this. The cycles underpins how I coach: we get deeply intimate with your menstrual cycle if you have one, or call on the seasons and cycles of life and nature if you don’t. This cyclic lens invites us to see how you change - and to illuminate your strengths and challenges. We explore the womens mysteries of your rites of passages, looking to the past for clues about your relationship to your body, womb space, cyclic and feminine self. With awareness you’re empowered to do things on your terms. And with embodiment, we invite your womb, body, heart, intuition and soul along for the ride, to co-create with you. Your body knows your past, holds ancestral wisdom, and knows more than your mind does about who you are and what you want. I guide you to access that power.
My client even told me that the work she has been doing with me to understand her cycle is the MISSING PIECE in her self-development puzzle. It's that impactful.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. You can choose to pay in full, pay monthly or fortnightly and there is no penalty for paying over instalments. You'll be invited to choose to work with me for an initial 3 or 6 month period which determines the fee. It is cheaper per fortnight to partner with me for 6 months. Book a consult with me, and you'll receive the special six months price.

I don't have a period, is this still for me?

YES, in short! Here's why...

If you don't have a menstrual cycle, are pregnant, are post-menopause or are taking hormonal contraceptives and feel like you should have a cycle to get the full benefit, let me assure you that cyclical living does NOT require a period.

I am a major major fan of working with the natural seasons, cycles, and archetypes and would love to show you how you can use these to support you in all of the same ways that a menstrual cycle would if you had one.

In fact, I even share these other natural cycles with women who do bleed, because it's so awesome. Many many people don't have a period - and there are ages and stages where we naturally don't bleed.

Perhaps now is an EVEN BETTER time to work with me, so I can help you find a rhythm that grounds, guides and serves you, when it's easy to fall into the masculine DOING pattern without a period to remind you to honour your very female needs.

How will this coaching support me as a business woman / space holder myself?

OOOHHH Juicy question!! And I have 2 solid answers for you.

1. Living and leading in flow with your changing cyclical superpowers will empower you to work less hard whilst being more productive and profitable.

Truly. Banish burnout and instead, align the elements of your life and business to your cyclical energies, and you will flourish. And isn't this what we all want!!

2. You're a space holder for your clients. Maybe a team too, and possibly your loved and little ones. ​But who is holding space for you?

All space holders need their own sacred container to be nourished, guided, seen, heard and witnessed - and this is what I do for you - so you can process and integrate your own journey. AND I know for a fact that you are going to learn so much during our journeying that you will impulsively HAVE to share it with your own clients. Because it's gold and it works. I believe in feminist buisness practices that include not gate keeping knowledge, and naming and honouring your teachers. Mine include Claire Baker, Mitle Southey, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Jenna Ward, Julie Parker, Amanda Rootsey, Sanja Hurem, and countless authors who's books I have absolutely loved and hold dear to my heart.

But I'm just not sure!!!???!!!

You're feeling uncertain, wondering whether you can trust yourself to get the best out of this. Wondering whether you have time, and feeling its pretty indulgent to invest in a personal coach in this way.
I hear you.

Know that how you begin something truly does set the path and tone for how you mean to go on. The power of your intentions are magnetic - if you want something it will come to you. However - many times, we resist what is meant for us because we don't feel able to receive. It is an important lesson to be able to RECEIVE as women - help, support, time, happiness, money, love...

So invite me into your journey of growth and transformation to hold space for you to express what it is that doesn't feel good, what you do want, and to guide you with love and accountability to receive what you most deeply desire.

Do you have a question for me that's not listed here?

If so, there's no simpler way than speaking face to face. I'm not about the hard sell (YUCK!) I promise you. Let's chat on Zoom so you can ask me your questions, and I'll answer them without twisting your arm into something you aren't ready for. Plus I'll share some first tips with you pro-bono.

Are you ready?
Let's FLOW!